Clients Testimonials

Andra was brought in to deal with revamping our compliance and reporting requirements under the Managed Investments Act for a company listed on the Australian Stock Exchange. Her strong understanding of the legislation and practical approach to problem solving meant we obtained a workable solution that was not overly bureaucratic or legalistic and provided a sound foundation on which we could build. She didn’t just deliver a report; she delivered results and certainly gave value for money.
Andra typifies the positive aspects of a sole practitioner; she is driven, rolls up her sleeves and she gets on with the task at hand. She understands the mantra of client service: being ready, accessible and on the rare occasions she cannot be reached she responds promptly. I would not hesitate in recommending her.

Alex Mavridis
Chief Investment Officer, Cairo

Andra’s ability to understand our business, and its surrounding issues in terms of thoroughness and looking at every possible outcome, is excellent. She gives the commercial side full consideration as well. This comes from her broad experience in financial services work – and it is a quality and a skill that is rare. That, for me, is where her strength lies.

Lillian Oh
General Manager
Supervision Superannuation Services
Perth, Western Australia

When I was General Counsel of AFIC (Australian Foundation Investment Company), we wanted to apply for an Australian Financial Services Licence. I had applied for such a licence for another employer previously and knew it to be a comprehensive, time consuming process and that I was too busy to do it myself. I engaged Andra and was able to leave everything to her, though we would meet from time to time to discuss a few issues. She was very professional, practical, competent and confident and the application was successful. I would definitely recommend her. I expect that it would have been more expensive and taken more of my time had we used a big law or accounting firm to perform this service.

Sue Crook
Managing Director, Complete Governance, Melbourne, Australia

We engaged Andra for a compliance review. She was forthright from the beginning, and told us exactly what she would do. She delivered a perfectly succinct summary of what we required and where we had gaps that needed filling. It was clear and understandable, in bullet-point form almost. She provided a really good service. I had a very positive impression.

Investment manager, private equity company,